We are happy to offer the service of Crawlspace and Attic Cleanouts.  Below, you will find some information in regards to what we offer.


  • Removal and disposal of  insulation
  • Removals and disposal of pipe and air duct wraps
  • Removal and disposal of vapor barrier
  • Cleanup of rodent droppings
  • Installation of new vapor barrier
  • Sanitation and Deodorization of crawlspaces and/or attics
  • Removal of rodent nests and carcasses
  • Rebuilding crawlspace entrances and vents



As you’ve probably seen on our website, we try to make our pricing straight forward and we display our pricing.  Unfortunately when it comes to crawlspace and attic cleanouts, there are so many variables that we cannot give an exact price over the phone or internet.  To get you a price, we’ll send out our Cleanout Expert to take measurements and find out exactly what you need.  We have set our pricing to be cheaper than other pest control companies offering similar services.  To schedule a quote, you can contact our office at 253-486-6853 or fill out this form on the bottom of this page.



We do things a little bit different here than other companies!  For starters, we don’t replace your insulation.  Now, this may catch some people off guard, but there is a reason for this.  We get so many phone calls from customers that hired other companies to come out and cleanout their attic or crawlspace and spend thousands on putting in new insulation, just to have rodents return a few weeks later and ruin what was just put in.  What happens is rodents leave their droppings and urine, and removing insulation and vapor barriers help, but those smells remain in the crawlspace or attic for months.   Other companies will remove the insulation, and trapped beneath that insulation is the rodent smells that have been there for years, and then they replace the insulation immediately, once again trapping in the rodent smells.  Other rodents will pick up on these scents and try to return to your crawlspace and/or attic.  Our approach is to remove the insulation and vapor barrier, clean-up all the droppings, and then sanitize your crawlspace with an fogging enzyme treatment.  We then return monthly for 2 to 5 visits (depending on level of infestation) and apply more enzyme treatments….all this with the insulation out.  That way we can penetrate the wood and fully get rid of this smell.  By doing this, this greatly increases the odds that rodents will not return!

Another benefit to using our company, is that we are a pest control company and not an insulation company pretending to do pest control.  We know rodents!  We are familiar with the many ways a rodent can get into your home and how to keep them out long-term.  Also, we are familiar with other pests that can be found in a crawlspace or attic, such as carpenter ants, moisture ants, beetles, and other wood destroying organisms.

Also, because we are a pest control company, we can offer a guarantee that rats will not return!  Of course, with any warranty there are some terms and exclusions, and our Cleanout Expert would be glad to go over this with you.

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