Mole Control


We offer two options for getting rid of your moles.

One-Time Treatment

  • No contract to sign.
  • You call us as-needed
  • Price based on size of problem.

Year-Round Protection: See Our Quarterly Plans

Mole treatments discounted when paired with one of our quarterly plans

  • How do you get rid of moles?

In the past most companies used traps to catch moles; however, a few years ago the State of Washington passed a law banning this practice. Obviously because of this law, we do not use traps. There are many alternative methods on the market for getting rid of moles and we use the one product proven to give the best results. We use a poisoned bait that is placed underground for them to consume. Moles are very tricky to get rid of and may require more than one treatment.

  • How many treatments does it take to get rid of moles?

This is somewhat of a hard question to answer. There are many variables that figure into mole control, such as how many are in your neighborhood and how many earthworms are in your yard. On average, homes only need one or two treatments, but there are always a few places that need more than this. There are some homes that we just cannot get rid of moles. Because of this, unlike other pest control companies, we do not require you sign a contract. We recommend that you give every treatment about 2 to 3 weeks to work properly on the moles. If they are still not gone after this, then it’s time for another treatment. Again, no contract to sign and you call us as needed.

  • Are mole treatments covered under your Year-Long Protection plan?

Unfortunately they are not. Because we cannot prevent moles from entering your yard, they are not covered under the Year-Long Protection plan. However, if you do sign up for your Year-Long Protection plan, then you’d receive a discount on your mole treatment. Instead of paying $119-$139 per mole treatment, you’d just be charged $50 per mole treatment

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  • Star-Nosed
  • American Shrew