We offer two options for getting rid of your cockroaches.

Pricing below is for residential customers.  If you are a multi-unit complex or a property management company, please contact us for pricing details.

Common Questions About Cockroach Treatments

How do I prepare for a cockroach treatment?

Please follow our cockroach prep sheet found here:  Cockroach Prep Sheet

How quickly should I expect results?

We treat using a combination of products, such as baits, dusts, traps and sprays.  Generally customers see improvements within a few days, but should give the treatment 2 to 3 weeks to work properly before having another treatment performed. Total eradication may be achieved in one treatment, but generally takes multiple treatments.  We recommend treatments every 2 to 3 weeks until roaches are gone.  In most cases it is okay to be present while we treat for roaches, but if you are chemical-sensitive we recommend leaving.  Please avoid touching all treated areas until our spray dries completely. For roach control, only interiors are treated.

How can I keep roaches from returning?

Cleanliness is the most important factor in the Northwest for eradicating roaches for two reasons.  First, the products we use lose their effectiveness when applied to dirt and grime.  The second reason is that if you leave food and water out, you will continue to feed the roaches which will then avoid our baits.  Please make sure that no dirty dishes are left out for long periods of time and that there is no standing water where roaches are present.  Also eliminating clutter helps eliminate their harborages.

How many treatments do I need?

Cleanliness is the most important factor for answering this question.  If the home is very clean, food is put away, dishes are not left out, etc., then it generally takes 1 or 2 treatments to eradicate roaches.  If cleanliness is an issue, then it can take many treatments to get rid of roaches.  We cannot stress enough that cleanliness is the single most important factor in getting rid of roaches.  If you are in a multi-unit setting, such as an apartment or townhouse, then there is a chance that roaches are coming from another unit and this can make it very difficult to completely eradicate cockroaches.  In multi-unit settings we recommend all units be inspected for activity.  Those units with activity should be treated regularly until the problem is resolved.

How do your one-time treatments work?

Here’s how our one-time treatments work.  Lets say we come out to treat your house on June 1st for ants and after two weeks or so you’re still having roaches.  Give us a call and if it’s within 45 days of your original service, we’ll come back and retreat the area for only $50, so in this example by July 15th.  Now let’s say that you have a lot of roaches and it requires more treatments.  As long as you keep calling within 45 days of your last service, the call-back rate would only be $50.

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