Rats & Mice

Prices below are for residential customers.  Commercial customers, please call for a quote.

We offer two pricing options for getting rid of your rodents:

* We will seal all entry points that we can and at no additional charge.  Sometimes there are entry points that require a licensed contractor or roofer to properly seal.

Common Questions About Rats and Mice Treatments

What do you do and how do you get rid of our rodents?

During the initial visit we will do a thorough inspection of the property to see what is attracting the rodents.  We will then let you know of all possible entry points.  Most small repairs/exclusion work Eco Elite will perform for you.  We will then set traps in the appropriate places to get rid of your problem.  Such places include attics, crawlspace, and garages.

Also, on most homes with rodent activity we will place rodenticide bait stations on the exterior of the home.  Some customers request that we do not use poison and that is completely fine too. Our price includes up to two bait stations.  If more bait stations are requested, a charge of $20 per additional bait stations will be added.   The bait stations are tamper-proof so animals and kids cannot open them.  Many times bait stations are not placed on the initial visit, but will be placed once we are certain rodents are not getting into the home or building.  In homes where exclusion cannot be performed or rodents keep getting in, we will not place bait stations.

After traps and bait stations are set, we will then return in 5 to 10 days to check the traps in bait stations.  If you sign up for our quarterly plan (Year-Long Protection), then if the problem is not resolved, we’ll keep coming out every few weeks to check the traps until it has been resolved or is under control.  If you sign up for our 45-Day Plan, then after the initial visit we’ll come back the following week, then in two weeks, and finally in three weeks.   Between visits if any issues should arise, we will promptly return for free and take care of the issue at no extra charge.  Similar service with other pest control companies could cost anywhere between $500 and $900!

If we come out to your location and we find no evidence of rodents or we find old activity, we will simply only charge you a $99 inspection fee.

What is the difference between the 45-day plan and the quarterly plan?

With our quarterly plan, not only does it cover rats and mice, but also covers insects, such as ants, spiders, wasps, earwigs, and more!  If you sign up for our quarterly plan, one our first treatment we’ll do a complete inspection, seal up entry points, set traps and bait stations, and we’ll also treat for insects.  We’ll then return in one to two weeks to check the traps.  If we believe we need more follow-up visits, we’ll return in a few more weeks; otherwise, we’ll come out every three months to check traps and treat for insects.  If anything comes up between our quarterly visits, we’ll come back for free as often as needed.

What type of exclusion do you do?

Included in your price, we will do any exclusion work we can.  As much as we’d like to be able to say we can seal off every single hole and solve every problem, we just cannot guarantee that.  We are a pest control company and not a contractor or handyman.  All our technicians carry the necessary equipment to seal a majority of your problems, but there are just some jobs that we cannot do.  If we cannot do your exclusion, we’ll at least let you know what needs to be done and refer you to a handyman.  Again, we will do whatever we can for you and it’s included in your price!  We use products such as galvanized hardware cloth, copper mesh, spray foam, steel wool, etc..

Update: we currently have a handyman on staff, so if you’re technician cannot seal up an entry point, our handyman may be able to solve your problem.  Additional charges will apply to any exclusion work performed by our handyman.

Due to safety and liability risks, we may not be able to get on your roof to seal and inspect for entry points.  Our technicians safety is very important, so if they do not feel safe on your roof, we will refer you to contact a roofer that can harness onto your roof.  We will try to do whatever we can to solve your rodent problem, as long as it’s safe!

Types of exclusion we offer at no additional cost can include:

Use of hardware cloth/wire mesh to seal off small entry points

Use of spray foam is small areas

Use of steel wool or copper mesh to plug certain types of holes

Up to one bag of pea gravel to fill in rodent burrow holes

Re-screen certain crawlspace and attic vents

Types of exclusion offered through our handyman or cleanout team for additional charges:

Rebuilding of crawlspace doors

Use of mortar or cement

Large entry points or excessive entry points

Extensive burrowing

Certain crawlspace, attic, and dryer vents


How do you prepare for a treatment?

Normally there is not much to be done prior to our arrival.  We generally will access your crawlspace and/or attic, so we suggest making sure we have access to these areas.  Also, if you are having rodents in your kitchen and believe they are behind the appliances, we ask that you move the appliances so we have access to these areas.  Due to liability reasons, we will NOT move appliances.


Do you guarantee you can solve our issue?

Dealing with rodents is one of the hardest things we do.  Even though it is estimated that we can solve about 90% of rodent jobs, there is about 10% that just cannot be solved.  Mice need 1/4″ inch hole and rats needs a 1/2″ hole to enter a home.  Sometimes these entry points just cannot be found, or are just not accessible to humans.  We try our best to find these entry points!  There are also some homes, especially older ones we find in Seattle or Tacoma, that have been added onto multiple times that just can’t be fixed.  Another issue we commonly find in cities such as Redmond, Issaquah, Sammamish, and Woodinville is the amount of mice!  The Eastside generally has a very high mouse population and because of this they can easily find their way into a home through open doors, garage doors, or the tiniest of gaps.  If you find yourself in a situation where we can’t solve your problem, then our Year-Long Program is the best solution.  In cases like this we focus on controlling the population through traps and baiting.  Also, we will continue to look for any new entry points or signs of rodents.

We have some of the best techs when it comes to rodents.  After a few visits if your tech just cannot figure out how rodents are coming in or has a tricky situation, we will send out either another tech or a Service Manager for a second set of eyes.  We are dedicated to helping resolve your problem and sometimes this means we may send multiple people out to help.

Do you clean up the droppings or offer crawlspace/attic cleanouts?

We are happy to announce that we now offer crawlspace and attic clean-outs.  The division of our company that handles this type of work is called Crawlspaces Elite.  For more detailed information on what we do, click HERE.


Do you cover squirrels, raccoons, or possums?

Unfortunately we do not.  In Washington State to deal with anything larger than a rat, you would need to contact a licensed trapper.  We are a licensed pest control company, but we are not a licensed trapper.  There are only a handful of trappers in our state.  If you need help finding one, let us know and we’d be glad to refer you to a trapper.


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