Wasps & Hornets

We offer two options for getting rid of your yellow jackets, wasps, and hornets:

Common Questions About Wasps and Hornets

How do we get rid of your nest?

Each nest is different and because of this there are various methods and products we can use.  If the nest is completely visible on the exterior of the home, many times we can simply spray the active insects and then knock down and remove their nest.  In this case, 99% of the time we can eradicate the nest in only one visit.  If the nest is located inside the walls of your home, underground, in an attic, or in a crawlspace, then it can be a little bit more tricky.  In these cases we will try to apply products into the opening of their nests.  Also, because flying insects are generally social insects, we can use products that will transfer one to another….kind of like a virus.  This method does take a few days to work and can require more treatments.  Most the time it only takes one visit to solve your problem for wasps, but there are always a few homes throughout the summer that require multiple treatments.

Are your products safe?

There is always some risk involved with what we do.  For flying insect treatments, generally there is no need to leave your home during and after our treatment; however, if you have have chemical sensitive individuals or pets in the home, then you may want to leave.  We use a wide array of products to get rid of ants.  Some of them are considered organic and green, while others are synthetic products.  The synthetic products we use are generally a pyrethroid class of chemical, which the EPA has said “…exposures from the many current uses of pyrethrins and pyrethoid insecticides do not pose risk concerns for children or adults (link)”.  Obviously common sense needs to be enforced, so no licking or touching our products…especially while wet!  Most products dry within an hour on the interior and 30 minutes on the exterior.  We do offer a completely green/organic treatment at the same price for those customers who request it.  The good news with flying insects is that most of the time our treatments are done on the exterior of the home, so very rarely is chemical used inside.


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