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Population: 46,478

County: Thurston

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Olympia Pest Control: The History of Our State’s Capital

Pests are everywhere throughout the world. Wherever humans inhabit, you can guarantee that there will be pests nearby. One of the fascinating aspects of Olympia pest control, as is the case everywhere in the world, is that we see everyday instances where the character and culture of the city influence the types of pests we see. Densely built cities, for example, frequently see roaches due to the closeness of human dwellings.

In Washington State, our state capitol, Olympia, has a few notable pests. Let’s take a quick look at the history of our beautiful state capital!

Olympia: A City With A Rich History

If you ask someone what cities there are in Washington State, they would typically answer Seattle and possibly Spokane or Vancouver. However, nestled at the bottom of the Puget Sound sits Washington State’s capital.

Like much of America, the history of Olympia begins with the native American tribes that inhabited this land. The Coastal Salish knew the peninsula as Steh-Chass. The Coastal Salish lived in modern-day Olympia for numerous generations, until the arrival of European settlers in the late 18th century.

In 1792, the first European settlers came from the British Vancouver Expedition. Peter Puget (after which, of course, the Puget sound derives its name) saw this land first. In 1841, a US exploring expedition arrived under Lt. Charles Wilkes.

The first settlers were Levi Lathrop Smith and Edmund Sylvester, who claimed the location in 1846. They named it Olympia, referencing the majestic Olympic mountains that residents know and love even to this day. Sylvester was the one who laid out the town, complete with capitol grounds.

Shortly after becoming a city, settlers formed the Washington Territory in 1853. Provisionally, the capital was Olympia due to its robust industry and active maritime commerce. For a while, Olympia was the most densely populated town on the Puget Sound!

When it was part of the Washington Territory, other states vied for the capital title. However, the residents fought challenges and won them. When Washington State entered the Union as the 42nd state in 1889, Olympia had the official designation that we all know today.

Making Olympia The Beautiful City It Is Today!

The Olympia Brewing Company started seven years after the Union admitted Washington as a state, and continued until 2003. The Olympia Brewery (in Tumwater) has long served as a historic landmark for residents. It was closed when Prohibition started and never reopened.

The city was able to provide enough water to its residents through clever underground aquifers that kept the city’s residents going even as the population expanded. Businesses grew, government grew, and more residents came here looking for the beautiful blue skies and green forestry that Washington State has to offer!

Olympia Pest Control: What Pests Are Here?

As you might guess, the rapid expansion of the city as a result of people moving in the 20th century meant that there were a lot of pests that came here. Residents today have to deal with some of the common pests that plague any city. Some of these pests include:

  • Spiders
  • Ants
  • Rodents
  • Centipedes
  • Cockroaches
  • Bed Bugs
  • Moles
  • Termites

One pest to be on the lookout for in the summer is the venerable carpenter ant. These ants are a reasonably common occurrence in the Olympia region. Seeing these ants in the summer means that they have spent all winter cooped up in your house, gnawing away at the wood. If you see these, you want to call an Olympia pest control company and have the professionals take care of the problem for you!

Another class of pests that Olympia residents frequently have to deal with are rodents. Due to the city’s proximity to the water, rodents love to call this area home as well. If you see evidence of rodents in your home, it’s imperative to get in contact with an Olympia pest control expert immediately. Mice and rats can carry diseases that can have severe consequences. It’s essential to remove the infestation as soon as possible!

Olympia: A Beautiful City With Lots To Explore

There’s no city quite like Olympia! The gorgeous scenery and pristine water are enough to make anyone fall in love with the area. The older homes are charming and, in general, people enjoy this region – from the Native Americans who walked these very grounds to the modern-day dwellers looking for the best cup of coffee.

If you’re lucky enough to call this place home and you have some pests in your home, please contact us so we can get rid of them for you!